SCP - Schools of Magick

PARTS 1 & 2

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Scp Schools_of_Magick_Part 2




1. How do the three schools of Magick come to be?

These schools represent lines of philosophical investigation. The three
schools of Magick have a sophisticated relationship on this plane of being;
though they reside together in the College of the Rosy Cross. The White
School of Magick is in a dualistic relationship with the Black School of
Magick and the Yellow School is more cooperative with the White School.

2. Are the colors associated with these schools racial?

No; these threads run in their diversity of all the races on this planet—of
which there are more than three (what about red?).

3. What are the three philosophical lines of investigation that these three
schools embody?

Nihilism, Monism and Dualism

4. How are the three schools named?

Monism: The Yellow School is found principally in Buddhism. Dualism
The White & Black School (but in a different manner) is primarily called
Occultism. Nihilism makes no investigation into the nature of being, but to say that all effort is fruitless. It is as much the negative side of Buddhism as it is the unconsciousness of the entire human race; expressing itself in what
we call the Black Lodge (a separate idea from the Black School); that lodge
being the egregore of scattered human thought in its zeitgeist. This is
comprised of blind forces existing in a chaotic flurry that acts on the
human environment. Individually, this is that consistent expression of the
lower ego that fully believes that everything as it is now, will never

5. What is the nature of the antagonism between the White and Black schools?

Both hold the material and spiritual planes of being as actual; in contrast
with the Yellow School that affirms the material Universe as an illusion.

The White School sees both planes as equally holy and seeks to integrate the
two in the alchemical formula of Coagula.

The Black School sees the material plane as the plane of evil that is in
eternal combat with the spiritual plane and process the two in the
alchemical formula of Solve.

6. What is the difference between the Black School and the Black Lodge?

The Black Brothers (of the Black School) are still brothers; i.e. one of the
3 Magi (3 wisdom pursuers) that is said to have visited the Christ child in
Christian mythology need to be distinguished from the Black Lodge, which has
nothing to do with any school of Magick. The Black Lodge is not an actual
lodge; but is the collective egregore of humanity’s blindness (the chaotic
egoism that is our natural state). The three schools of Magick still
recognize the constancy of change in the Universe; but not the Black Lodge.
Therefore, those who remain in this blindness and lead their lives by it,
are said by me to be ‘dupes of the Black Lodge.

7. Do the religions completely embody any one school?

8. I would like to have a clarification and elaboration on the practical
purposes of the three schools (opposed to defining only their philosophy) –
How do they differ in the world today.

9. How are these purposes manifested in the world today? In other words, how specifically do the three schools work, or manifest their influence.

10. Do we have any specific examples in relationship to the progression of

11. What can we expect to see from the different schools in the coming

12. I would also like some more concrete examples on what the yellow school is today.