Notes on the A.O.M.

Notes on the Workings
On the
Arichidoxical Order of Magi

Secret Meaning of the initials of the Order: Ambrosii Ophidium MagicumTranslation: Nectar of Ophidian MagicGrand Ecumenical Council A.M.H.R.Ambrosii Magi Hortus RosarumTranslation: Magick Nectar of the Rose Garden

AA Qabalistic analysis of the Order's initials provides the following: In Hebrew Qabalah AOM=111 Path of the Fool which is the Elder God and in English Qabalah AOM=226 which is the numeration of the Hebrew word: Tzaphon; which means: North. North is the Throne of the Eldest God. Thus does the Order awaken the Eld of the King under the auspices of the A.'.A.'. and its Abbeys and amongst the various Rectories of each local GCL. The Rectories are community centers and the domicile of the local Rector whom is the senior member of the local Council of Elders (COE). The A.'.O.'.M.'. Like the GCL is a member of the A.M.H.R. It works as a sub-organization to the GCL which is a member church of the A.M.H.R.

The A.M.H.R. is a collective of the Council of Elders of all member churches. Member churches whom wish to join will take the name "The Gnostic Church of [blank]." They are autonomous entities whom are under the guidance of the A.'.A.'. and utilize high grade A.'.A..'. members to comprise their Council of Elders (COE). As well, these member churches use A.'.O.'.M.'. rites in a sub-organization as per the rules set up in this paper. The A.'.O.'.M.'. has no single head of the order and answers only to the wishes of its local COE. The local COE is not obligated to respond to any rulings of the A.M.H.R. except by consensus.

The A.M.H.R. meets once every five years to determine a course of development for all member churches and sub-organizations. These five year periods are each at the beginnings of periods of silence and speech of the A.'.A.'. The local COEs are intimately involved in the day-to-day workings of their respective organizations.

The A.'.O.'.M.'. is an initiatory organization aligned along the Enochian Aethyrs. It's design is to facilitate the issues of human development not directly covered by the A.'.A.'. nor the rites of the Gnostic Church. It's existence is of a smaller stature for those whom have already merited membership by taking a more responsible role within the community as they have sought out and become ordained into service of the Church. It's goal is to further the perfection of individuals amongst its membership.

These rites are secret and preserved by the Council of Elders. None may peruse or study them except as they are proliferated to those seeking to work within its system. And then, each new initiation is presented after those tasks which gives one the right to seek it have been successfully completed to the satisfaction of the COE.

This inaugural paper is presented to the Ecumenical Grand Council (that council known also as the A.M.H.R.) on the Vernal Equinox XCV (1999ev). This being the beginning of the period of Speech for the A.'.A.'. as under that auspice of the independent lineage of the A.'.A.'.. Although A.M.H.R. is not the exclusive domain of this lineage. The Lunar Exorcism is the central rite of the A.'.O.'.M.'. in its lodge work. Other activities include Initiations, the continuation various Holy Book Cliques and a Society of Chess Players, along with psychic development and in contrast with the Solar A.'.O.'.M.'. rites (Equinox and Solstice celebrations along with all other Feasts of the Times) which are shared amongst the congregation of the GCL.

The Lunar Exorcism is to be performed at every full moon as a Psychic Cleansing. As a group rite, a synergy is to be utilized to further strengthen both the individuals involved and the A.'.O.'.M.'. as a whole in its local and larger manifestions. The complement to this rite is at the New Moon; either a quiet meditation to observe the new karma to be taken on or at this time the A.'.O.'.M.'. performs its initiatory rites. The Necronomicon serves as a strong resource for the obtaining of 'Barbarous Words' so essential to gaining access to the deepest psychic levels of the ritualist. It is used thusly by the A.'.O.'.M.'. along with those words belonging to the Enochian system.

With the Enochian system, we get our language as an holy language and of course our work in development of the system of Chess. Skrying of the Tablets and Aethyrs is also important work for an examination of the astral. However, in development of rituals for the order, the Necronomicon and Thelemic Qabalah service as a central resource. It is the goal of the order to develop a working journal of research. As such, a Scribe should be appointed to keep the diary of the local Lodge. This appointment is to be made on a monthly basis at the New Moon. He or She is required for that month, to attend all the various functions of the Lodge without fail, in order to document the workings. Any individual developing rites or ideas from the resource of this Sepher Colloquium is to submit their findings to be included in the journalism of the work of the Lodge to the Scribe.

The Sepher Colloquium is distributed to each Lodge body that petitions for a copy. From here, the incomplete nature of the rites included herein are to be developed seperately by each Lodge. In this way, the variety of expression flowers on an organic level; measuring to the corresponding zeitgeist of each group. Only a general skeloton holds the diverse Lodges together in unison. Regarding the Initiation Rites, they are to be opened with the 19th Call or Key of the Thirty Aethyrs. The Initiator should have memorized the Call in Enochian and must practice by performing Initiations while reading the Call written using the Enochian Alphabet.

The Aethyrs of all of the Degrees within each Grade should be skryed adding to the commentary of Liber 418 and developing the knowledge of the Thelemic paradigm. This will simultaneously develop the synergy amongst all members in the Lodge by adding to the depth of the initiations. The Grade Structure of the Order works utilizes two Initiatic Currents then. The larger current of the Initiation Rites that addresses the electrical charges in the glands strengthening the Impeccability in the Aspirants response systems that derive from the Automatic Consciousness. The Degrees are expressed in relation to each Air. And by expressing the Degrees as 1°=30~ 9 (The First Degree is the Thirtieth Air), we get two numbers for each Degree that add to 31; the Key to Liber AL's Qabalah. The Enochian system is yet another Key as Liber 418 expurgates the dogmatic paradigm.

A.'.O.'.M.'.Aire Mysteriorum

Overview of the Degree Structure Acceptable for issue to Newly Admitted Member Issued by Order ofThe Acting Council of Elders

The aspirant having taken ordination, is admitted to the order if he or she so chooses. He or she will then choose (as for each Grade but not for each Degree) a motto that is gematrically equivalent to the number of the corresponding Aethyr. Below are the Grades and Degrees with their corresponding Aires and a desription of that Aire. Following this is a description of the Task of each particular Degree.

Grade I – Aspirant Triple-Zero Rite

1°=30~TEX Exordium of the Equinox of the Gods.Individual desires made manifest; projected onto the world. Complete examination of desire body as a reflection on the Triple-Zero Rite; written and submitted to the COE for approval.Receives '7 Theurgic Steps'.

2°=29~RII The Disruption of the Aeon of OsirisMastery of the Dream Body through interpretation and control of dreams (both day and night). Diaries kept and submitted to the COE for approval.Receives '8 & 90 Rules of Art'.

3°=28~BAG The Vision of the Dawn of the Aeon of Horus (Atu XVII).Alignment of thought and action; concentration and the conservation of energy. Diaries kept and submitted to the COE for approval.Receives 'Way of the Warrior'.

Grade II – Initiate The Star Rite


4°=27~ZAA The Vision of the Initiation of Hecate (Atu XIV). The Redemption of the Woman of Witchcraft by Love. <Luna Hecate.>Foundations of group ritual. A connection is made to the synergistic egregore of the order. Candidate participates in monthly Lunar Exorcism ritual and participates in at least one year's worth of seasonal rites. Receives Motta extract on Christist Egregore.

5°=26~DES The Slave-Gods Superseded. (The Vision of Atu XX, the Stele.) The Vision of the Stele of Revealing, abolishing the Aeon of the Slave-Gods. <Microposopus.>Study of the Tablets and Tables, enhanced by the practice of Meditation. Study of Enochian Tarot.Receives instructions on Enochian Tablets, Language and Chess.Admitted to Society of Chess Players.

6°=25~VTI The Path of Teth. (Atu XI. The Fire-Kerub in the Initiation.) The Vision of the Fruit of the Great Work of the Beast 666. The Lion.Practices divination by Enochian Tarot and proves success at it to the COE. Empathy for all life is developed and demonstrated through personal works.Receives 'Tattwa Paper'.

7°=24~NIA The Rose. (The Woman of Atu XIV, Minister of Babalon; the Water-Kerub in the Initiation.) The First Kiss of the Lady of initiation. <Love and TARO, etc., uniting–Hod and Netzach.>Skrying the Watchtowers. Enochian language is mastered and proven conversationally to the COE.

Grade III – Servant Rite of Compassion


8°=23~TOR The Kerubim of Earth and Air. (Minor officers in the Initiation to 8°=3°.) The Vision of the Interplay of Earth and Air. <Bull and Eagle.>Karma-Yoga and demonstration of service to the order.Receives 'De Reguli Vitae'.

9°=22~LIN The 49-Fold Table. (First appearance of the Crowned and Conquering Child to the Exempt Adept as in te Pastos.) The Vision of the Rose, the Heart of BABALON and of the Birth of the Universe. <Sevenfold Table.>Zelator initiation of A.'.A.'. If A.'.O.'.M.'. aspirant is not a member of A.'.A'., progress in this order is halted.Receives 'Psychic Attack & Self-Defense' and instructions for Domicile Cleansing.

10°=21~ASP Kether. (The Hierophant prepares teh Candidates.) The Vision of the Ineluctable Destiny. <Macroprosopus.>Servant must be accepted into the Order of Thelema.

11°=20~KHR The Path of Kaph (Atu X). The Hiereus prepares the Candidate. The Vision of the Wheel of Fortune. The Three Energies of the Universe. <Path of Daleth and Adonai.>Formula of Love under Will and Energized Enthusiasm applied to the overcoming of the inertia of material existence. Specific task to be determined by the COE.Receives 'De Arte Wu-Wei'.

Grade IV – Technician Sweat Lodge Rite


12°=19~POP The Path of Gimel. (The Hegemone between the Pillars. Preliminary: The Vision of the Unguided Universe.) <Path of Sameck (with Lamed and Nun).>Basics of Sexual Alchemy taught. Admission into Holy Book Cliques.Receives Alchemical texts.

13°=18~ZEN Tiphareth. (the King's Chamber. The Vision of the Holy Guardian angel.) The Instruction concerning the Obtaining of the Vision and the Voice of the Thrity Aethyrs. The Preparation of the Candidate.Understanding the true nature of Sacrifice; Alchemy studies developed.Receives 'The Process of Magick'.

14°=17~TAN The Path of Lamed. (The combination of Gimel, Lamed, Sameck.) The Vision of the Justice or Balance of the Universe.Samadhi attained as noted in diaries presented to the COE.

15°=16~LEA Kether. (Path of Peh.) The Overthrow of the Slave-Gods by the Beast 666.Expression of creative individuality. The Technician must create an original aesthetic statement that describes the original nature of his or her own Star.Receives 'Existential Crisis'.

Grade V – Artist Rite of the Leopard & the Deer


16°=15~OXO The Vision of the Rose of 49 petals, and of the Holy Twelvefold Table. Examination of the Candidate for Magister Templi.Study of Evocation.

17°=14~VTA The Vision of the city of the Pyramids. The Reception of the Master of the Temple.Bhakti-Yoga

18°=13~ZIM The Garden of Nemo. The Work of the Magister Templi.Raja-Yoga

19°=12~LOE The Path of Cheth. The Bearer of the Sangraal. The Black Brothers.Attainment of NUIT.

20°=11~IKH Yesod. The Frontier of the Abyss.Attainment of HADIT.

21°=10~ZAX The Abyss. Choronzon, his Nature.Attainment of RA-HOOR-KHUIT.

22°=9~ZIP Malkuth. (The Pure Virgin.) The reward of the Magister Templi.Study of the Alphabet of Desire.

Grade VI – Council Member Installation Rite


23°=8~ZID The Holy Guardian Angel. His Instruction.Formal Presentation of Liber Sameck and instructions of the 8th Aire. Candidate upon receiving Knowledge & Conversation of Holy Guardian Angel acts strictly in accordance with the directives of the Angel.The knowledge base of the A.'.O.'.M.'. is increased as each Adept skrys all 30 Aethyrs and publishes those records in the libraries of the order. The official Order degrees continue without specified tasks in this document as they are then under the direction of the Adept's Holy Guardian Angel. However, the synopsis of the Aethyrs is continued below:

24°=7~DEO The Path of Daleth. The Black Brothers.

25°=6~MAZ The Vision of the Urn. The Magus 9°=2°. The Three Schools of Magick.

26°=5~LIT The Vision of the Middle Pillar. (Arrow.) The Mystery of Atheism.

27°=4~PAZ The Marriage of Yod and He. (The common Tibetan Symbol.) The Seer identifies himself with it.

28°=3~ZOM "The Magus" of the Tarot. (Atu I.)

29°=2~ARN The Marriage of the Seer with BABALON. (Atu VI)

30°=1~LIL The Vision of the Crowned and Conquering Child, Lord of the Aeon.