The Enochian revelation represents the updating of all apocalyptic and hekalothic texts. This powerful revelation inaugurated the Renaissance that would eventually formulate the American Revolution. These archives are the store house for our translations of the Enochian Holy Books; being derived from Liber Loagaeth and the Holy Table of Practice, amongst other sources, as well as interpretations of other significant documents.

Enochian Chess


The Whole Enochian Dictionary
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Enochian Grimoire for Evocation

Athanasius Kircher’s SDA Interpreted

Distillation of Liber Sexti Mysteriorum

Monas Hieroglyphica

The Daughter of Fortitude

Liber Ged

Babalon & the Beast

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Liber Loagoeth Interpretations The prophet Enoch’s experiences in the higher realms, called “the most important book ever given to man by God” and said to hold all the secrets of heaven and earth and the physical and spiritual realms. The Lord having summoned one of his archangels, tells him to give to Enoch a pen to write down all the events in the heavens and upon the Earth. Enoch is said to have written 360 books, as if indicating the full cycle of time…a stupendous prophecy! And the Lord instructs him to give these to the sons on the Earth; referencing the Sons of God (humanity itself!). As well, the Lord promised to send two of his angels to Earth to preserve these books through the Flood that was to come. The prophecy that remains is that in the future these books will be again revealed unto mankind by the guardians of the Earth.

Liber Loagaeth

The First Leaf (1A)
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The First Leaf (1B)
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The First Leaf Chap Book
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