Nostradamus on Thelema


Prophecy is necessarily vague; the wheels of time do not turn in a deterministic fashion and the future can only be based on the choices we’ve made in the past, are now making and will make as the future unfolds.  This vague and at least partially random quality adds a fascinating dimension when we consider the nature of the symbolism that is used to develop prophecy.  All symbols have an amorphous quality that makes it easy to interpret them in a variety a ways and on different planes of awareness.  But most important, as I’ve cited in my article, Pretenders to Prophecy, community acceptance is an important element.  This indicates that it has worked its way into our collective psyche and must be connected to the Collective Unconscious; the hidden, archetypal part of our collective psyche (as well described by Carl Jung) and that we all directly share in and are connected to.

Because of this connection to this larger racial hologram, there’s we can qualitatively appreciate it on intuitive and archetypal plane; though we can also connect it to and explain it on the mundane and material plane.  “As above, so below.”   Because without it, the prophecy itself can have no force; no driving means to fuel a society with the fever it takes to approach the future.  But this also has its own counter-limitation as discussed in Pretenders to Prophecy: “The collection of a community and its established hierarchy (based of course on merit derived from successful initiatory experience) should be found to accept the work on a consensus basis. Of course, if the community itself is ill-founded, the purity of the current is destroyed and their collective consensus has no merit.

The Starry Gnosis is the racial, archetypal hologram drawn directly into the physical skies above us.  All myth and fever manifests in the various religions and cultures on this planet, based on the parable above us.  From that, a marvelous collection of apocalypses and shamanistic visions that interacted directly in human affairs throughout history.  Indeed, the Revelation of John of Patmos is the most well-known and unfortunately, misunderstood of these apocalypses.  But it is from this and the Enochian skryings of Aleister Crowley, that the current of the Starry Gnosis is renewed and re-evoked out of our collective psyche.  A new myth has been drawn to respond to post-Industrial Revolution, as the nature of human society has changed from its former Agrarian orientation.

The materialistic science of Copernicus and Galileo overthrew the hierarchical myth that the Roman Catholic Church used to maintain its power over Europe, which led Nietzsche to declare: “God is dead.”  Nietzsche wrote that due to the fall of the Roman hierarchy, we are now each left to our own to reach above ourselves towards divinity; he called this the Will to Power; the successful connection being made to the divine then can be driven by and ultimately lead to empirically prophetic works.  But when these works are driven down and reduced to mere doom saying or world-ending finalities, as per the common misinterpretations of John’s Revelation, a nihilism develops that provides quite the opposite affect of the Will to Power in an abandonment of the Will to the herd and the fostering of a herd consciousness.

The idea for developing the following interpretations to selected Quatrains from Nostradamus’ work starts from a personal experience I had in pouring over the prophecies of Nostradamus.  I came to realize that he was certainly acquainted with the Starry Gnosis and seems to have instinctively understood that it showed the cycles of time and their effect on human evolution.  The Starry Gnosis is the universal archetype that maps the human psyche and how that is reflected into history.  Its study opens one up to the universal nature within oneself, giving one the mystical insight of the spiritual Aspirant.  The hologram that gives form to humanity literally and metaphorically, also contains human behavior within certain probabilities based on certain factors in the myth, hologram and human psyche that can interact in predictable but general or macrocosmic patterns.  This is also true for the interactions that take place in each of us individually on a microcosmic scale; as is more generally known through the art and science of horoscope forecasting.

The 24th Enochian Aethyr, NIA, Aethyr is the Aethyr of astral (starry) traveling, located at the apex of the Lower Mental Plane; where one finds the ability to travel through both space and time.  In other words, the ability to prophecy and read the Akashic records; wherein is stored the collective memories of the human race.  As is the nature of our conscious universe, the Guardians of these records exist and are at the disposal of the worthy Aspirant.

Benefiting from such contact, and having the Gnosis of this insight, ultimately one’s consciousness will find itself ascending to the 20th Aethyr, CHR, Aethyr; that of the wheel; located in a sub-plane of the Mental Plane, where the occult doctrine of cycles becomes self-evident.  These cycles are the cycles of the Starry Gnosis, which has measured time from time immemorial.  And the human drama has always asserted itself within this paradigm.

The fundamental problem in interpreting Nostradamus is that both he and most of those devoted to understanding these quatrains are using the common Judeo-Christian paradigm and are incorporating the commonly understood ideas on the apocalypse that is the Revelation of St. John of Patmos.  From this, the common idea of an anti-Christ (as opposed maybe, to an anti-Jesus) is also made to fit into the interpretation.  But if as Occult Science has shown, the apocalyptic nature of the book has a deeper and more meaningful symbology.

The three prophesied anti-Christs of Nostradamus don’t necessarily have to be understood as even he understood them; especially due to the fact that he still viewed the Roman Church from a relatively medieval perspective.  Post-Renaissance thought reconnects with the ancient wisdom of the Western Mystery Tradition and provides for us a key to Nostradamus’ vision in a way couldn’t clearly see in his day; being under the spell of the church and its distortion of the ancient truth.  Though, he did re-discover Esoteric Astrology, which is the key that unlocks his genius.

Genius considered as the Christ Principle as outlined by Aleister Crowley in Magick in Theory and Practice, stands against the Roman Heresy and its enslaving egregore; that is Jesus as a consoler god.  Such anti-Jesus’ that would present themselves in Nostradamus’ prophesies may be more Christs themselves.  Therefore, we disagree with the notion of Napolean as an evil-doer; though he ultimately became quite corrupt.  The Warrior is a great motif in Western history, which carries through even to Hitler and the Occult nature of the Third Reich.  For that matter, arises Osama bin-Laden as the third in the historical ontology that is the common approach to Nostradamus’ prophetic anti-Christs.


But symbols can always be interpreted in different ways and we may look to the medieval nature of Nostradamus’ understanding and view the anti-Christs as heretics of the Church, which is itself a herd gathering tool that functions to enslave the Genius of individuals and homogenize society.  And we come to others that have sung the songs of human liberty and the virtue of Genius.

There’s no sequential order to Nostradamus’ Quatrains.  Each of the ‘Centuries’ or collections of verses refers to several different centuries in human history.  As the Holy Tarot also uses political (royal court) and religious figures, so do these quatrains.  There are 1,000 altogether, which cover an epoch of time; i.e., the complete cycle in the human drama.  And it is epic in scope; with a breadth and d depth to be expected of the ancient Alchemists and Astrologers.  As symbols, each of the quatrains can possibly hold a variety of meanings.

It’s really impossible to date them and we can only read into them, what we are capable of seeing.  In other words, for the lay materialist, there is only the ability to see them in hindsight, after the allegedly predicted event occurs.  For this person, there will always be doubt regarding Nostradamus’ work.  But the mystic has a way to look into the verses that may only be colored by his doctrinal and dogmatic assumptions.  And perhaps, we err here, in terms of our Thelemic predisposition.

The following pages present ideas that are not meant to be definitive, nor to have any real literary merit; per se.  Rather, they are a collection of thoughts and scratch notes, meant to stir up conversation and to foster a deeper look into the nature of prophecy.  It is interesting that over and over again, in various works, as spiritual gurus are listed, Crowley is almost never found amongst them; despite his prolific genius.  The author of the translation used in this work, John Hogue, considers every “New Age” or contemporary guru but Crowley and even seems completely unaware of Crowley.  Had he had this knowledge of Crowley’s work, it seems he would have at least, arrived at a few different conclusions.

Nostradamus went to medical school with a man named Francois Rabelais, who became a close friend to Nostradamus. Though trained as a doctor, Rabelais became one of the cleverest writers in French history. Rabelais also wrote about the future and published Pantagrueline Prognostication in 1533, which was a parody of astrologic almanacs that predicted the future.

Michel de Nostredame (1503-66), later known as Nostradamus, was one of the leading lights of the late French Renaissance. A Jewish-French contemporary of Paracelsus and England's Dr John Dee, he was (from 1530) at medical college with Rabelais and much admired by the poet Ronsard.

What do Nostradamus, Rabelais and Petrarch have in common? As it turns out, they all studied in Montpellier, the ancient university city that is now the capital of France's Bas Languedoc. Indeed, after the Sorbonne, this is the second oldest university in France, and is still, since the Middle Ages, famous for its Faculty of Medicine.

Pantagrueline Prognostication, a parody of the almanacs, astrological predictions that exercised a growing hold on the Renaissance mind.

by T. Apiryon:

The First Book, Gargantua, contains the story of the birth and upbringing of a giant child, Gargantua, and illustrates the authors views on bad education (Medieval) and good education (Renaissance), and how an ideal humanist leader should behave. The character of the battling monk, Friar Jean, is introduced, with graphically detailed anatomical descriptions of his feats of holy combat. For his services in war, Prince Gargantua rewards Friar Jean with an abbey of his own design, the "Abbey of Thélème," whose inhabitants are called Thélèmites and whose motto is Fay ce que vouldra, "Do what thou wilt." In constructing the foundations for the Abbey, a great bronze plate was found, inscribed with a long "Prophetic Riddle", which ends with the following lines:

"Each man shall have what's due to him by fate.
Such was the bargain. How praiseworthy he
Who shall have persevered even to the end!"

The Second Book, Pantagruel, which was actually written before Gargantua, deals with the incredible adventures of Gargantua's son, Pantagruel. The character of the resourceful Panurge is introduced, who in many ways represents the author himself. The work satirically attacks the decadence and intellectual impoverishment of medieval Europe, and hails the approaching Renaissance.

The Third Book deals primarily with the efforts of Pantagruel & co. to find an answer to Panurge's question, "Should I marry?" They seek the advice of a varied string of allegorical characters and groups, and examine the issues of economics and the status of women. All this proves inconclusive and they resort to consulting the "Oracle of he Bottle."

In the Fourth Book, the companions set sail in search of the "Oracle of the Bottle." On their way, they explore a number of strange islands populated by stranger beings, through which encounters the author satirically treats of numerous contemporary issues, particularly the controversy over Papal authority.

The Fifth Book continues the voyage of Pantagruel and his companions, and ends with their arrival at the Bacchic "Temple of the Bottle," over whose door is inscribed the motto En Oino Aletheia, "In wine lies Truth." The Priestess Bacbuc conducts them to the Divine Bottle to obtain the verdict, which is Trinc; interpreted as an invitation to drink at the well of knowledge (see Chapter 208 of Liber Aleph).

The Prophesies

Century I

In short sacrifices will be returned,

Transgressors will be put to martyrdom:

No longer will there be monks, abbots or novices,

The honey will be much more expense than wax.

The beginning of the assault against Christianity; the Age of Reason & the Renaissance presage the end of the Piscean Age. The return of sacrifices is the return of Paganism or the end of Christism and its superstitions in the general population.

Cutter of sects great punishment to the informer,
Beast in the theater, erects the scene [for the] play,
The ancient fact exalts the inventor,
Because of sects the world confused and schismatic.

Crowley specifically predicted as the informer who is punished (by the Yellow Press); known as the Beast. His principal argument is that truth knows no sect. And he became a principal player on the scene in his society; reaching his greatest popularity after the translation of the Rosetta Stone, as he was known as the Egyptian Magick expert.

Head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn
Eternal God what changes!
Then the bad times return after a long century,
What turmoil in France and Italy.

These times (30s & 90s ev) show the rise of Christism; prophesied in AL as 40s & 80s. The death throes of this dying religion wreak havoc. The 40s really start in 39 and the 90s are a result of Reagan’s election in 1980ev, which in itself is a result of the rise of radical Islam in the 70s ev.

Hogue refers to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in February through March of 1999ev as a turning point for the survival of humanity. Noting the conjunction takes place in Aries in December of 1939ev through March of 1940ev as well, there’s a connection between the end of the century and WWII. This quatrain connects with 10Q72.

Alas! How much one will see the great people tormented,
And the sacred law in total ruin:
By other laws all of Christianity [is governed],
When gold and silver is sought through a new source.

The torment of America; Nixon takes the dollar off the ‘Gold Standard’ to curb a devastating recession caused by the Money Masters of the Christian Right; the ones probably responsible for shooting Kennedy. The Silver Dollar is Kennedy’s Executive Order 111110. The new Christianity is a mundane religion seeking to reign over the Earth through the international banking system.

You will see, sooner and later, great changes made,
Extreme horrors and vengeances:
For as the moon [of Islam] is thus led by its angel,
The heavens draw near to the reckoning.

The crisis of the Christist religions comes to a head in the Middle East; the war of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. All becomes centered on Jerusalem; where it all started. The “horrors and vengeances” are the world alliances and the world wars that these alliances led to.

The Gods will make it appear to the humans,
That they will be authors of a great conflict:
Sword and lance [fly] before heaven is observed as serene,
So that on the left hand there will be great affliction.

The ‘gods’ as authors of war seems to allude to Aiwass as representative of the Secret Chiefs. Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the god of war and vengeance. It is interesting that in AL III.72, Ra-Hoor-Khuit declares: "I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Nia-but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains."

Before the monastery a twin child is found,
Of the heroic and ancient blood of a monk:
His fame, through a mode of language and powerful sound,
Such that one will say elect the healthy survivor of the premature twins.

Dual-natured Ra-Hoor-Khuit/Hoor-Pa-Kraat; Crowley was an heroic mountain climber; language and mantra. This is the prematurely born Aquarian Age or Aeon of Horus. While it takes on some of the nature of the Age to come, it still contains much of the nature of the present Age; being a correction to the error of the centuries, due to the lies of the Roman church.

A man who will be charged with destroying
Temples and sects altered by fantasy:
He will harm the rocks rather than the living,
Ears filled with ornate speeches.

Crowley came to destroy superstition and attacked the foundation of Christism. He was eloquent, erudite and articulate and the outlawed teacher of the quatrain (especially in light of what the Christist Yellow Press did to him).

Century II

Temples consecrated in original Roman fashion,
They will fling back the rude foundations
Taking their first and human laws,
Chasing, almost all the cults of Saints.

Astrology’s male-oriented Grand Cosmic Day of 35 years moves into night and the female Grand Cosmic Day begins in 2008.  The Gnostic Mass is in ‘Roman fashion’ and celebrates the Goddess.

Eyes closed, opened to antique fantasy,
The habit of the solitary ones will be put to nothing:
The great monarch will chastise their frenzy,
Ravishing the treasure in front of the temples.

Crowley is the ‘Great Monarch’ or the Beast.  The dating index Hogue gives this is 2012; the last vestiges or ‘treasure’ of the dying god is ‘put to nothing’ – worthless; the ancient of antique fantasy (superstition) is dispelled.

The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed,
Day of death put for birth:
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
Seeing the word in its eternity.

The true nature of body, soul and spirit is revealed.

The divine word will be struck from the sky,
One who will not be able to proceed farther:
The revelation—the secret shut away,
Such that they will walk over and ahead [of his dungeon].

Crowley taught the ‘Word’ of the Magus has avataric import; it comes from the Aethyr (struck from the sky) to inaugurate an ‘aeon’ of Initiation.  The Yellow Press that buries (dungeon) him and his reputation is trod upon (walk over).

Second to the last of the prophet’s name,
Will take Diana’s as his day of silent rest:
He will travel far and wide in his drive to infuriate,
Delivering a great people from subjection.

Crowley was ever the infuriating trickster.  And he traveled the world.  His motto was life, love, liberty and light.  Diana is goddess of the Moon; Monday=Moon-day; Magick happens in the astral; Yesod (sphere of the Moon) as per Wake World, which is 2nd to last Sephira.  He is ‘Lola Daydream’ that’s in day of Silent rest.

The man from the East will come out of his seat,
Passing across the Apennines to see France:
He will fly through the sky, the rains and the snows,
And strike everyone with his rod.

From the East is from the resurrected Sun.  The Ape of Thoth in the nines (9 Yesod); sky=Aethyr; the rod of the Magus

Too much the heavens weep for the Androgyne procreation,
Near the heavens human blood shed:
Because of death too late a great people re-created,
Late and soon comes the awaited help.

The androgynous human is the Magickal Childe from the ‘twins’ of a previous quatrain in these notes.  Again, blood is shed to the name of Ra-Hoor-Khuit; the great people recreated are the Nephilim; the re-emergence of the ‘Atlantean’ race.

After great misery for mankind an even greater approaches.
The Great motor of the centuries is renewed:
It will rain, blood, milk, famine, iron and pestilence,
In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a trail of sparks.

After the misery of the Christian era, with its tortures and superstition, comes Ra-Hoor-Khuit to deal ‘hardly’ with all this and the purge the dross.  Blood flows to his name; iron=Mars; fire in the sky is the Initiatic fervor; but to look for a comet that may inaugurate all of this.

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals:
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Mabus, Hogue says is Nostradamus’ third Antichrist (Napolean & Hitler come before), and may be Crowley…but as a different anti-Christ as Nostradamus was so unclear about this one & Crowley lived at that time, experimenting w/Eugenic ideas like everyone else.  He even worked with British M1 in Nazi Propaganda w/his infamous 666 still connected to him.  As a cryptogram for Thurbo Majus, the classical name given to Hannibal—the god known also as BAAL; the male part of the Hebrew biune god (along with Astoreth).  Also as cryptogram for Gobrayas Megabyzus, Persion who over three Zoroastrian priests; Crowley was against Manichaeistic dichotomy that Zoroastrians adopted.  Cf. Raypoz 9Q44 Zophyros.  One hundred powers—Liber C; key to Sex Magick.

Century III

The divine word will give to the essence, [that which]
Contains heaven and earth. The hidden gold in the mystic deed:
Body, soul and spirit having all power,
All [is] beneath his feet as at the seat of heaven.

Not really of Crowley; but of the nature of prophecy.

From Kings and Princes they will raise imitations,
Augurs and empty prophets elevated:
Corn[ucopia], victim of gold, and of azure, dazzling,
Interpreted by the soothsayers.

Raising imitations from the European aristocracy is covered by the popular fable of the Merovingian bloodline and Jesus. Empty prophets, such as the many ‘New Age’ spirits being channeled these days, abound with false ideologies. Crowley, the true prophet and others like even Joseph Campbell and HPB as scribes, sit on the sidelines or worse, as our materialism and consumerism destroys our collective spirit.

When the eclipse of the Sun then will be,
The divine omen will be seen in the plain daylight:
Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
High price unguarded, none will have provided for it.

A ‘divine’ omen comes with some significant eclipse; it seems at the Vernal Equinox 2034ev, there’s a strong eclipse predicted.

When the animal [is] tamed by man,
After great efforts and difficulty, begins to speak,
The lightning so harmful to the rod,
Will be taken from earth and suspended in the air.

A reference to the BEAST; it would be interesting to cross-reference this with the Revelation of John. From the Earth to the sky; the lightening rod is the spark of life—moving from its terrestrial base to the Starry Gnosis. The great difficulty in speaking is due to the obfuscations created by the Yellow Press.

A new sect of Philosophers,
Scorning death, gold, honors and riches:
The German mountains will not be placed on the borders,
For a following they will have support and throngs.

Thelemites are the new sect; moving spirituality away from mundane religion and its obsessing with material wealth, power and celebrity. The support will come from the turn of the wheel of destiny as it turns from one side to the other in perpetual motion.

The good old man shrouded and buried quite alive,
Near the great river through false suspicion:
The new old man ennobled by riches,
Captured on the road and all the gold for ransom.

The Hermit motif; interestingly connected to the number 72-Shemhamaphoresch. False suspicion=Yellow Press. Gold for ransom: Mark Stavish, the Alchemist says:

Publishing and personalities dominate over traditions and lineages. And where lineages exist, they seem rooted in inflexible rules and dogma. This has given rise to the need to claim ownership of teachings and symbols. Copyrights have become the rule of the day; and the need to keep perpetual students the norm as

traditions fail to generate teachers, and genuine spiritual masters, who can stand the heat of public pressure to demonstrate the power of the teachings.

In Germany there will be born diverse sects,
Vigorously approaching the blissful paganism,
The heart captive, the returns small,
They will return to pay the true tithe.

Germany became the center of the world’s occult movement.  This is why Crowley is MABUS.  It all comes from the connection with the current—that Hitler tapped into.  Hitler held the heart captive; that’s why Germany paid the true tithe.  I can see how Mussolini enflamed the masses and so did Napoleon; but they don’t’ connect as Crowley and Hitler.  Will have to figure out a way around Hogue’s choice of Napoleon; but to whom?  Footnote on page 85, Volume 2 of HPB’s Secret Doctrine, seeks to show Napoleon as fulfilling the Mahabharatan epic.

The world near the final period,

Saturn, again, will make a late return:

The empires is transferred towards the Brodde nation,

The eye plucked out at Narbonne by a Goshawk.


This could be alluding to the world nearing to the Age of Capricorn in approximately 3797ev.  But Capricorn is also ruler of Aquarius, which is delayed in that the Piscean Age, which precedes it is longer than the average length of Ages.  A sign shall be that the black for “Brodde” nation shall dominate world politics as other empires (plural) are made subservient to it.  This seems to be a perfect allusion to the Middle East and the oil that gives them such power over the world.  Narbonne, being of the Languedoc region of France, serves in contemporary Christian mythology as an important place for the Merovingians; overcome by the Hawk that is Horus in Thelemic doctrine.



For five hundred years more they will take notice of him,

Who was the ornament of his time:

Then suddenly a great revelation will be made,

Which will make people of that century well pleased.


By 2055ev, Nostradamus will also show his prediction of Crowley; both unlocking the secrets of the Revelation of John.

Presages 1-14

At a distance, near the [constellation of] Aquarius, Saturn turns back,

That year great Mars will give [Aquarius] a fire opposition,

Towards the North to the south the great proud female,

Florida in contemplation will hold the port.


The Great Proud Female BABALON; heralding of Age of Aquarius; Aquilon/Eagle-America.  Florida is the connecting link to all the Americas; North and South.  This is a certain allusion to these continents and not ‘old world’ Europe.

Century IV

Some of the most literate in the celestial arts,
Will be damned by the illiterate Princes:
Punished by Edict, driven out like criminals,
And put to death wherever they are discovered.

This plays into the 1930s ev socio-political theater.  Crowley’s popularity with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone is attacked by the Puritan right.  Sacco & Vanzetti, Anarchists, are put through a monkey court and condemned to death.  Artists, Intellectuals and Mystics were all blamed for being evil by the emerging Yellow Press.

The soft voice of the sacred friend is heard under holy ground,
The human flame shines for the divine voice:
It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of the celibate monks,
And to destroy the sacred [or false] temples of the impure ones.

Crowley’s effeminate voice…soft voice; Earth to be stained with the blood of celibate monks—he prophesied the blood of the saints in the cup of Babalon.  False temples destroyed—he prophesied an end to superstition.

Sublime essence forever visible to the eye,
Come to cloud the conscious mind for reasons of its own:
Body and forehead together, senses and the overseeing ego become invisible,
As the sacred prayers diminish.

As if talking about trance and the unfolding unto the higher planes.  Ego becoming invisible—Crowley lost his misogyny in these states and channeled the holy books.

Salon, Mausol, Tarascon of the arch of SEX,
Where the pyramid is still standing:
They will come to deliver the Prince of Annemarc,
Redemption dishonored in the temple of Artemis.

Sex & Artemis; Quatrain seems unfulfilled; even though sex stands for sextus, its relation to Artemis says otherwise.  The Quatrain seems unfulfilled; the mysterious Annemarc needs to be solved.  Crowley is the Prince of Princes per AL?  Annemarc—Mark of the Beast?

When Venus by the Sun will be covered,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through a warlike clamour will it be insulted.

First of Starry Gnosis quatrains; the Sun taking precedent over Venus/Isis; fire and was/is Ra-Hoor-Khuit; development in Rosicrucian thought.

The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the heavens:
The Vulcan Hermes will be transmuted into pasturage,
The Sun will be seen pure, shining red and golden.

A time such as now, when science and its ‘reason’ will eclipse the intuitive nature; Mercury occult Sun.  The god of Magick; Hermes, becomes shit in the ground.  But Ra-Hoor-Khuit Shines.  Pasturage—milk of cow; Moonchild.

For eleven more times the Moon the not want the Sun,
Both raised and lessened in degree:
And put so low that one will sew little gold,
That after famine and plague the secret will be revealed.

This seems very Alchemical

The Moon in the middle of the night over the high mountain,
The young sage alone with his mind has seen it:
His disciples invite him to become immortal,
His eyes in the middle, his hands [folded] on his breast, his body in the fire.

31 Key to AL; Quatrain shows Crowley seeing Kephra; his body in the fire of Spirit/Transformation.  Eucharist, immortality of body by spiritualization of cells.

In the places and times when flesh will give way [or a place] to fish,
The communal law will be made in opposition:
The old order will hold strong, then are removed from the scene,
Then communism put far behind.

Self-sacrifice; the altruistic ideal creates communism; with its debunking, the New Aeon can take hold.  4 quarters; 32 degrees.

Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon,
It will seem to appear in white fullness:
Venus hidden under the whiteness [innocence] of Neptune,
By Mars stricken by the white gravel.

White fullness is Milky Way and Pleroma; Quatrain seems unfulfilled.  Last of Starry Gnosis quatrains.

The savage black [king] will have exercised
His bloody hand by fire, sword and trained [arquebus]:
All the people will be so terrified,
Seeing the great ones hanging by neck and feet.

This seems a mystic epic and therefore apocalyptic.  The Black [king] is the Black Lodge.  Those hanging by the neck are the saints of Atu XII; Hanged Man.

Before the people, blood will be spilt,
It will not come far from the high heavens:
But for a long time it will not be heard,
The spirit of a single man will bear witness to it.

A direct reference to Crowley. He alone of the Avatars, it’s his spirit that sees the truth.

Libra will see the Western lands to govern,
Holding the rule over the skies and the earth:
No one will see the forces of Asia destroyed,
Not until seven hold the hierarchy in succession.

Cf. 1Q56; America secures its dominance over the East/China; 7 holding the hierarchy in succession seems something unfulfilled—could this be the 7 planets having their prominence in American History?

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

This is N the Astrologer pointing out a generational cycle in the orbits of 2 planets.  But then a comet & ‘hidden fires”; this speaks of the spirit, as if a presage of the Aeon of Horus.

Century V


Born in the shadows and a dark day,
He will be sovereign in rule and goodness:
He will cause his blood to be born again in the ancient urn,
Renewing the age [century] of gold for that of brass.

Crowley is the herald of the Age of Aquarius.  Blavatsky calls the present root race, the Age of Brass.  Crowley’s philosophy takes an underground root in the darkness of 20th Century ev Christist superstition.

The law of the Sun, and of Venus in contention,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy:
Neither the one nor the other will be understood,
The law Sun will [be held] the law of the great Messiah.

Crowley’s “Law” and his spirit of prophecy (holy books) is about the Sun and Isis (Venus) as Initiator.  But also, the sexuality of woman in contention; coming out of the repression of the Patriarchal Age.

For the pleasure of the voluptuous edict,
One will mix poison in the law:
Venus will be in a course so virtuous,
That [it] will becloud the entire law of the sun.

The dark side of Thelema is the free-love of the Hippies and other prurient neurotics; more attracted to sensuality than to spirituality.  This has poisoned or confounded the actual message of Thelema.  And women have risen to a power beyond that of men as human society has become increasingly epheminate.

The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings,
At the coming of the great legislator:
He will raise the humble, he will vex the rebels,
None of his like will be born on [this] earth.

AL says one will come to bring fresh fever from the skies.  Is this the ‘Messiah’ of 25th Century; when Age of Aquarius begins?

Epistle to Henry II




Most Christian

Henry King of France, the Second:

Michael Nostradamus, his

Very humble and very obedient servant

And subject, wishes Victory and Happiness.

Nostradamus’ prophecies in this Epistle are written in prose.


…the coming advent which will be after the commencement of the seventh millennium, profoundly reckoned, as far as my astronomical calculation and other…


The 7th Millenium is the Age of Aquarius, 6000 in the Hebrew calendar.  This occurs in the year 2336ev.  According to the Starry Gnosis, the Age of Aquarius is set to officially begin on the Vernal Equinox of 2597ev; 261 difference between the two calendars, and enough for a corroboration of the beginning to this Age.



…until there will be one born from a branch long barren, who will deliver the people of the world from a meek and voluntary slavery…


One born out of the Thelemic System; arising from the “long barren” Western Mystery Tradition. 



…and place them under the protection of Mars, stripping Jupiter [America?] of all his honors and dignities, and will establish himself in the free city which is situated in…


AL’s prophesied child places us unter Horus-“Mars”-Geburah as opposed to Jupiter-Jehova-Chesed.  If this is America, as Hoque speculates in the brackets, it’s America’s Christianity that gets rejected and its false and weak mercy/slavery.  Of course, this is what the Founding Fathers envisioned, but hasn’t yet come to past as that Christianity is now involved in its death throes.  In this regard, note how stern and intolerant Jupiter actually is; a martial time may be more Spartan, but also more lusty and vigorous.


…another tiny Mesopotamia.


The “tiny Mesopotamia” is Boleskine; the Thelemic Kaaba.



Then the impurities an abominations will to great shame be brought to the surface and made manifest in the gloom of the obscured light.


The obscured light is Thelema; hidden by the church in this, in our time.



…[it] will cease toward the end of a change in his reign, the leaders of the Church will be backward in their love of God, and several of them…


The church now backs slavery in its politics…



…will apostatize from the true faith, and of the three sects, the one in the middle [the Catholic], because of its own partisan worshippers, will be somewhat thrown into decadence.


…and the church is splintered by the Protestants and even may schism to an American Catholic Church.


The first one [the Protestants?] will be entirely undone in all of Europe and part of Africa by the third [the Islamics?], by means of the poor in spirit who, aroused by madmen [terrorists?], will through…


All these politics have set the world aflame, jungle warfare and terrorism 9urban jungle) rule the day.



…worldly luxury [oil] commit adultery.


Oil and the Middle East are the source of this dark power.



The supporting mob will rise up and chase out the adherents of the legislators, and it will seem that the realms weakened by the Easterners…


The competing underground conspiracies will fight each other more diligently and the people, victimized by this, will revolt all over the world.



…that God the Creator has loosed Satan from the prisons of hell, to give birth to the great Dog and Dogam [Gog and Magog?], who will make such a great and abominable breach in the Churches that neither the reds nor the whites without eyes [perception] nor without hands [powers] will an longer give judgment over them, and their powers will be taken away from them.  Then will commence such a persecution of the Churches as never before seen.


We are seeing the foundations of the false belief of the churches threatened by the new emerging knowledge of the past.



And in the meantime there will appear so vast a plague that more than two-thirds of the world will fail and decay.


The world’s economy will collapse.



And a new incursion will be made through the maritime shores, with the intention of delivering Sierra Morena from the first Muslim recapture.  And the assaults will not all be in vain, and the place which was once the abode of Abraham will be assaulted by persons who will hold the Jovialists in veneration.  And this city of Achem will be surrounded and assaulted on all sides by a most powerful force of warriors.  Their maritime forces will be weakened by the Westerners.  And great desolation will fall upon this realm, and its greatest cities will be depopulated and those who enter within the fall under the vengeance of the wrath of God.  Sun and of the Moon.


A description of what’s happening now in the Middle East. 


[What of EP139]



…will long endure, and beginning this year will be a greater persecution of the Christian Church than it has ever experienced in Africa, and this will last till the year 1792, which they will believe to mark [marks] a new Age.  After this the Roman people will begin to…


The Rosicrucian Era and success of Masony in America “experienced in Africa” is the Arab Gnosis (Alchemy & Zero) taught to the Westerners.



But desolated, and then abandoned by all, he will turn to find the Holy of Holies [Rome] destroyed by Paganism, and the Old and New Testaments.





…will be thrown out and burned.  After that the Antichrist will be the infernal prince.  Again for the [third and] last time, all the Kingdoms of Christianity, and even [those] of the infidels, will tremble for the space of 25 years, and there will be more grievous wars and battles, and there will be towns, cities…

Third Antichrist brings war on All.  Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the god of war and vengeance.  This philosophy, Hitler, Eugenics, Tri-lateral Commission; one big cleansing. 


[What of EP212] 



And after this has endured for a long time, there will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and the golden age [Age of Aquarius]: God the Creator, hearing the…


The Aeon of Horus (war/cleansing) is described as “endured for a long time” and will last to the beginning of the Aquarian Age.



…affliction of his people will command that Satan be cast into the abyssal depths of the bottomless pit, and be bound there; and then will commence between God and men… 



…a universal peace, and for around the space of a thousand years [Satan] will remain bound—and the Ecclesiastical [spiritual] power will evolve into its greatest energy—and then [Satan is] turned loose. 



All these figures represent the just adaptations of the holy scriptures with visible celestial bodies, namely, Saturn, Jupiter and… 



…Mars and others conjoined, as can be seen more fully in some of the quatrains.

Century VIII


A king entered very far into the new land,
While the subjects will come to bid him welcome,
His perfidy will have such an effect,
That for the citizens a cause for a festival and reception.

America, open to receiving a spiritual king; great fame will accompany him.

8Q 77
The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last:
The Heretics [are] dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

An alternate translation of the first line would be: The Antichrist very soon annihilates the three [brothers].  This calls to mind the Lovers Atu, also known as “The Brothers”.  Crowley quotes Liber 418  in his essay on this Atu:

Here is appended, for its historical interest, the description of this card in its primitive form from Liber 418.

"There is an Assyrian legend of a woman with a fish, and also there is a legend of Eve and the Serpent, for Cain was the child of Eve and the Serpent, and not of Eve and Adam; and therefore when he had slain his brother, who was the first murderer, having sacrificed living things to his demon, had Cain the mark upon his brow, which is the mark of the Beast spoken of in the Apocalypse, and is the sign of Initiation.

"The shedding of blood is necessary, for God did not hear the children of Eve until blood was shed. And that is external religion; but Cain spake not with God, nor had the mark of initiation upon his brow, so that he was shunned of all men, until he had shed blood. And this blood was the blood of his brother. This is a mystery of the sixth key of the Tarot, which ought not to be called The Lovers, but The Brothers.

"In the middle of the card stands Cain; in his right hand is the Hammer of Thor with which he hath slain his brother, and it is all wet with his blood. And his left hand he holdeth open as a sign of innocence. On his right hand is his mother Eve, around whom the serpent is entwined with his hood spread behind her head; and on his left hand is a figure somewhat like the Hindoo Kali, but much more seductive. Yet I know it to be Lilith. And above him is the Great Sigil of the Arrow, downward, but it is struck through the heart of the child. This child also is Abel. And the meaning of this part of the card is obscure, but that is the correct drawing of the Tarot card; and that is the correct magical fable from which the Hebrew scribes, who were not complete Initiates, stole their legend of the Fall and the subsequent events."

The annihilation of the brothers being a key to initiation that could not be understood by Nostradamus and his naïve acceptance of Christianity as informed by the Roman church. As Crowley explains in his essay on these passages, a universal equilibrium is a key to the formula of nature and of life:

It is very significant that almost every sentence in this passage seems to reverse the meaning of the previous one. This is because reaction is always equal and opposite to action. This equation is, or should be, simultaneous in the intellectual world, where there is no great time lag; the formulation of any idea creates its contradictory at almost the same moment. The contradictory of any proposition is implicit in itself. This is necessary to preserve the equilibrium of the Universe.

This means to turn away from the forces of ignorance and superstition, which is the key to the power of the Roman church; the whole of which comes down to the influence of money.

The key is that the Card represents the Creation of the World. The Hierarchs held this secret as of transcendant importance. Consequently, the Initiates who issued the Tarot, for use during the Aeon of Osiris, superseded the original card above described in "The Vision and the Voice". They were concerned to create a new Universe of their own; they were the fathers of Science. Their methods of working, grouped under the generic term Alchemy, have never been made public. The interesting point is that all developments of modern science in the last fifty years have given intelligent and instructed people the opportunity of reflecting that the whole trend of science has been to return to alchemical aims and (mutatis mutandis) methods. The secrecy observed by the alchemists was made necessary by the power of persecuting Churches. Bitterly as bigots fought among themselves, they were all equally concerned to destroy the infant Science, which, as they instinctively recognized, would put an end to the ignorance and faith on which their power and wealth depended.

The “mutatis mutandis” is the changing of that which must be changed. In other words, not the artificial changing of mundane creature comforts, but the transformation of the human soul is what’s at stake. Death is always a symbol for this and the shallow pursuits of technology in our culture, combined with this ancient power-lust has led to great wars; the two World Wars spanning within a period of 27 years and have much to do with this modern technology, which revolutionizes warfare.

But the symbolism is yet deeper than this and has to do with the transformation of human nature, which is in itself, inevitable. When reading the apocalypse from this paradigm, a nobler understanding is approachable. As Crowley writes on this in his essay for the Brothers Atu:

This part of the Card has been simplified from "the Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz", a masterpiece too lengthy and diffuse to quote usefully in this place. But the essence of the analysis is the continuous see-saw of contradictory ideas. It is a glyph of duality. The Royal persons concerned are the Black or Moorish King with a golden crown, and the White Queen with a silver crown. He is accompanied by the Red Lion, and she by the White Eagle. These are symbols of the male and female principles in Nature; they are therefore equally, in various stages of manifestation, Sun and Moon, Fire and Water, Air and Earth. In chemistry they appear as acid and alkali, or (more deeply) metals and non-metals, taking those words in their widest philosophical sense to include hydrogen on the one hand and oxygen on the other. In this aspect, the hooded figure represents the Protean element of carbon, the seed of all organic life.

The symbolism of male and female is carried on still further by the weapons of the King and Queen; he bears the Sacred Lance, and she the Holy Grail; their other hands are joined, as consenting to the Marriage. Their weapons are supported by twin children, whose positions are counterchanged; for the white child not only holds the Cup, but carries roses, while the black child, holding his father's Lance, carries also the club, an equivalent symbol. At the bottom of the whole is the result of the Marriage in primitive and pantomorphic form; it is the winged Orphic egg. This egg represents the essence of all that life which comes under this formula of male and female. It carries on the symbolism of the Serpents with which the King's robe is embroidered, and of the Bees which adorn the mantle of the Queen. The egg is grey, mingling white and black; thus it signifies the co-operation of the three Supernals of the Tree of Life. The colour of the Serpent is purple, Mercury in the scale of the Queen. It is the influence of that God manifested in Nature, whereas the wings are tinged with crimson, the colour (in the King scale) of Binah the great Mother. In this symbol is therefore a complete glyph of the equilibrium necessary to begin the Great Work. But, as to the final mystery, that is left unsolved. Perfect is the plan to produce life, but the nature of this life is concealed. It is capable of taking any possible form; but what form? That is dependent upon the influences attendant on gestation.

It is interesting to note also, that the regular publication of Liber AL begins, itself being a revelation of our time. While the red ice may be congruent with the symbolism of the Brothers Atu, it may also be indicative yet, of the third World War to come and a nuclear disaster that will be a part of it; ending the old world of Pisces forever.

Crowley and Hitler figure into WWI and WWII and Napoleon even sets part of this stage in his attempt on Russia.

8Q 96
The sterile Synagogue without any fruit,
Will be received by the infidels:
Of Babylon the daughter is pursued,
Miserable and sad they will clip her wings.

Most of the world will have the false religion; the “sterile Synagogue”.  It seems to tie the Middle East in with Bible prophecy, which Liber 418 connects yet, further; suggesting that Babylon could be Babalon and the daughter is NUIT (N.O.X. Sign).

8Q 98
Of the church people blood will be poured out,
In as great abundance as water:
And for a long time it will not be suppressed,
Woe, woe for the clergy ruin and grief.

The European/Pan-American Christian clergy will splinter more and more, till its power finally deteriorates.

8Q 99
Through the power of three temporal Kings,
The sacred See will be put in another place:
Where the substance of the spirit the body,
Will be restored and received as the true See.

Boleskine – “substance of the spirit and of the body” sexual union of man and woman; Heaven and Earth united “As above, so below.”

The “three temporal Kings” leads to the idea that each anti-Christ had a prophet appearing in history to balance out the presence of such extreme archetypes in the current.  They shadow each other like flip-sides of a coin.  The prophet then is a spiritual king.  The Temporal Kings would then be the three “synagogues without any fruit” of 8Q96.

Century IX

The great amount of silver of Diana [the moon] and Mercury [Hermes],
The images will be seen in the lake [the mind of meditation]:
The sculptor looking for new clay,
He and his followers will be soaked in gold.

Crowley is the sculptor. If the indexing of this to the year 2012 holds up, this is the year the Mayan calendar ends. But in 1912, Crowley meets Theodor Reuss, who accuses him of publishing O.T.O. secrets and ultimately makes him IXth Degree (the sexual secret), whereupon Crowley re-writes the M.M.M. Manifesto of the O.T.O. and publishes the Golden Dawn’s Book T in Vol. I, No. 8 of The Equinox.

Leave, leave Geneva everyone!
Saturn will change wealth to weapons,

RAYPOZ will exterminate all the opposition.
Before the invasion the heavens will show signs.

From Frater Zephyros

2○=9◘ A.’.A.’.

Entering the Veil of Qesheth, where the light is refracted, and reading the comments on Nostradamus’ Quatrain 9Q44, by John Hogue:

Raypoz is said by Hogue to be a cryptogram for Zopyros, the Babylonian betrayer. Babylon was located where now stands present-day Iraq. Hogue goes on to talk about Geneva being the second capital for the United Nations. It is in Geneva in 1955ev that 72 countries (number of the Shemhamphoresch!) met to discuss the peaceful use of nuclear power. Of course, some countries misused the knowledge they obtained from these meetings; particularly Iraq. Now, Nostradamus also used phonetic cryptograms in his employment of formal names. Note that RAIPOS = OSIRAP and that using his ‘green’ language of letter substitution, we can end up with the word OSIRAK, which is the name of the site of the former Iraqi nuclear weapons reactor; located outside Baghdad.

The other part of this prophecy talks about Saturn changing wealth to weapons or as an alternative translation, Saturn changing itself from gold into iron. We are in the midst of three successive Saturn-Pluto oppositions. Pluto is of course, the higher arc of Mars (Qabalistically attributed to the metal Iron). With the first opposition of these two planets taking place on August 5, 2001ev; ending with the last one to occur on May 28, 2002ev, we have the possible duration of this war.

Personal Note:

About 8:00 pm this evening December 23, 2001 ev…I discover Hogue’s interpretation of this quatrain. It floors me…Zephyros…I see a bit of the contrarian that I’ve become in the Thelemic community since 9-11 and my speaking out for war and “kill all Jews, Christians and Muslims”. The synchronicity is fascinating. And I thought about how even years ago, I thought Thelema and Liber AL especially considered American English as integral to its unfoldment; qabalistically. It’s even more interesting to see the Starry Gnosis confirm this; as if somehow, I’ve been in tune with this current. It’s another one of those feelings like I had with Greg, when he told me that the Secret Chiefs were leading me to a vision away from Ray Eales.

From Frater Centaurus

3○=8◘ A.’.A.’.

January 10, 2005 ev 9:08am

As a Practicus now, and having taken the motto: Centaurus, I read today, in the book: The Zelator, by Mark Hedsel, the following:

“…concentrating on the mediaeval constellation images at the top of the Staircase of the Dead, in Sagrada di San Michele, we found ourselves attracted to the meaning in one image in particular. This was a bas-relief of the horse-man Centaurus, holding what appears to be a rabbit or hare in his hand [sic]. Subsequent research showed that this mediaeval hare has a curious and unfortunate ancestry: in spite of being portrayed as a helpless rabbit, in the mediaeval star-lore it was called Bestia, or The Beast.[1] The creature was disguised, for subsequent investigation revealed to us that the form of the timid rabbit was a mask for a spirit of powerful depravity.

The inner beast is one of many names given to the creature which lurks, in a variety of guises, within everyone. It is literally, the monster within—that dark part of the human soul, which is in need of redemption. In terms of the astrological theories, which apportion metals to the planets, the inner beast is the weight of lead, which every person carries, somewhere in the soul.”[2]

In a later paragraph, he writes:

“The inner beast of modern esotericism has been ‘personified’ or ‘spiritualized.’ Rightly or wrongly, it has been called the ‘Dweller on the Threshold.’[3] This Dweller is a reminder of the karmic debts which have to be repaid, of the darkness which must yet be woven into light, to make of the red-man Adam [sic], a creature of light—what the ancient hermeticists called the phos.[4] Like most wild predators, this inner beast must be confronted, and wherever possible brought into the light of day. In the light, most dark monsters evaporate, or lose some of their powers. The true horror of the Bestia is that it dwells in each of us. This is why the Path of initiation leads inevitably to the hunting of the Beast within.”

Personal Note:

This reminds me of Liber VII:I.1-3:

1. My God, how I love Thee!

2. With the vehement appetite of a beast I hunt Thee through the Universe.

3. Thou art standing as it were upon a pinnacle at the edge of some fortified city. I am a white bird, and perch upon Thee.

Saturn again, is synchronistically connected with my motto; turning lead into gold. Here now, I see things two-fold and as a developing revelation. First, Zopyros became the teacher as the Dweller provides the sand in the oyster that produces the pearl. But Centaurus brings me back to myself and shows me the karma, the shadow that I am in the process of confronting. Also, my work in creating the body of light that will be the vehicle for my H.G.A. is shown. And I remark at such synchronicity that has again, happened; having chosen my motto without this being conscious. It shows to me that I am traveling the path of the Tower Atu.

Against the red sects religions will conspire,
Fire, water, steel, the [ac]cord through peace to weaken,
On the point of dying, those who will contrive,
Except one who above all the world will ruin.

Thelema – Horus – a red sect denounced by Christism; all the “religions”. The ending of superstition is at stake.

Century X

The human realm of Angelic offspring,
It will cause its [or his] realm to hold in peace and union:
War captive halfway inside its [or his] enclosure,
For long time peace will be maintained for them.

Rediscovery of the true Catholic religion; Nephilim.

The year 1999, and seven months [July],
A great King of Terror will come from the sky.
He will bring back the great King Genghis Khan,
Before and after Mars rules happily.

Connected to Mabus of 2Q62

The present time together with the past,
Will be judged by the great man of Jupiter:
The world too late will be tired of him,
And disloyal through the oath-taking clergy.

Crowley—“great man of Jupiter”; tired of him; Crowley’s defeating by the Christian right after Rosetta Stone.

“oath-taking clergy” – O.T.O.

Long awaited he will never return.
He will appear in Asia [and be] at home in Europe:
One who is issued from great Hermes,
And over all the Kings of the East will he grow.

Crowley’s home in Europe; issued from Hermes (Hermetic Magick)

Kings of the East (Sun/Initiation); Crowley as Avatar

The natural girl so high, high, not low,
The late return will make the grieved ones contended:
The reconciled One will not be without debates,
In employing and losing all his time.

“The natural girl so high…” BABALON

Crowley’s philosophy will be “reconciled”

The Religion named for the oceans will overcome,
Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif,
The obstinate, deplored sect will be afraid,
Of the two wounded by Alif and Alif.

The oceans are the waters of Genesis

“Alif and Alif” Alhim and Alhim; there is also an allusion to the Muslim world here and in the “obstinate, deplored sect”.

Presages 47-57

Deprived will be the Shaven Ones [the Roundheads?] of their arms,

It will augment their quarrel much:

Father Liber [Bacchus, god of win?] deceived lightning Albanians,

Sects will be gnawed to the marrow.

Father Liber/Crowley’s Libers; Father of Liberty

Presages 66-78

The colored ones, the Sacred malcontents,

Then suddenly through the happy Androgynes:

Of the greater part of see, the time not come,

Several amongst them will make their soups weak.

The Aeon of Horus is not the Aquarian Age; Crowley predicts the Androgynes (the Hippies). Building a philosophy that says Aeon of Horus is Aquarian Age is self-defeating; Horus is an Avenger not an Aquarian; this makes the soup weak.

[1] Hedsel’s footnote: “In the later constellation lists, it became the Wolf, or Lupus, and is better known by this title in modern astrology. See R. H. Allen, Star Names. Their Lore and Meaning, 1963 rep. Dover ed. Of the 1899 Stechert ed., p. 278, under Lupus, the Wolf. Allen names Vitruvius as the source for the name Bestia, but we have found it in earlier sources. Inevitably, the various names of the constellation reflect the ferocious nature of the star-group. At one time, the creature was called Hostia (from which we take our word hostage), meaning victim. This accounts for the alternative name, Victima Centauri, suggesting that it is Centaurus who is carrying the unfortunate creature to sacrifice on the altar. The Greeks and Romans believed the pattern of stars marked out Therion, or the Wild Animal. The Arabs, as usual, borrowed the name for the classical charts, and called it Al Sabu, the Wild Beast.”


[2] Hedsel’s footnote: “In the astrological tradition, Saturn rules over lead. The Saturn of the body is the skeletal system. The Saturn in the soul is (essentially) motivating fear.”


[3] Hedsel’s footnote: “Bulwer Lytton’s phrase, Dweller on the Threshold, was unwisely adopted by certain theosophists, even though the term dweller was already in use in Spiritualist circles, pertaining to improperly demolished residues of the deceased. The occultist Blavatsky used the word Dweller as an equivalent of Diakka, however: the Diakka of the American seer, Andrew Jackson Davis, was an evil entity that had never lived in a human body, and could therefore not be described as being ‘dead,’ for only Earth-dwellers may be said to die. In more modern times, the phrase Dweller on the Threshold has been used to denote the karmic guardian—which is to say that the dark entity which embodies (if that is the correct term for a Spiritual being) the unredeemed karmic consequences of past actions. The would-be initiate must, at some point, confront this guardian to pass into higher initiation. The communal theme in these various uses suggests that the Dweller is a ghost, or former entity, which still haunts the living, and must be laid to rest. The Hebrew term klippoth (plural, klippa) is sometimes used of such soulless entities, who dwell on the plane of klippoth.”


[4] Hedsel’s footnote: “This esoteric tradition that the body and the blood are linked with redemption is hinted at in the old Gnostic texts, which speculate that the name Adam meant both ‘red’ and ‘earth,’ and that from the earth, through the Mysteries, the human ‘light’ might be born. [sic] The Greek phos can mean both ‘man’ and ‘light’ depending upon accentuation. This word, rather than Adam, is used to denote the developed man, or the initiate, in such texts. The Race of Adam, or the Men of Flame, are ordinary mankind. The Race of Phos, or Men of Light, are evolved mankind, or those who have been initiated. This application of the idea of a body of light, as extended into the very highest levels of esoteric thought. The Greek-derived term for the transformed body of Christ is Augoeidean, meaning ‘ray-like,’ or ‘shining like the Sun.’ It was this body which appeared to John in the Gospel [sic]. An equivalent Greek to photoeides, meaning ‘ray-like,’ is used by Plutarch, when describing the sacred robe of Osiris, who also rose from the dead. [sic] These are two extremes—the red and the white of alchemical colouring—in Man. The red is the natural man, the white the initiated. There are many grades of colour in between.