Intellectual Property

Recorded August 7, 2011ev
Parts 1 & 2 with Appendix

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Intellectual Property Podcast_Ending

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Hosted by David E.; Sweden

Camille Perkins; Georgia, U.S.
Ryan Higgins; Israel
Paul Joseph Rovelli; New York, U.S.

What is intellectual property?

How is it different from ‘real’ property?

Is there a problem with ip?

It’s an oxymoron

What is the effect of ip on society and people?

Does IP spur creativity or delimit it?

What would be the effect of eliminating IP?

Is it important that ideas circulate?

What difficulties would a change bring? Copyrights?

How difficult is it to enforce IP?

What about combining worklife spirituall life?

Do ideas generate a world of glamour?

The question of property in general

Promoting ideas without the incentive of financial gain

Is making money important in contributing to human evolution?