Recorded October 15, 22, 29 & November 5, 2011 ev
Parts 1, 2 & 3

Initiation Part 1_Secret_Circle_Podcast

Initiation Part 2_Secret_Circle_Podcast

Initiation_Part 3_Secret_Circle_Podcast

Hosted by David E.; Sweden

Camille Perkins; Georgia, U.S.
Ryan Higgins; Israel
Paul Joseph Rovelli; New York, U.S.


There are all sorts of initiations in our lives; coming of age ceremonies
are even played out in most religious sacramental schemes.  In the mundane
world, this is all about when boys and girls begin to notice each other in
more interesting ways and one’s first orgasm, which even has a mystical
import.  And there’s also that initiatory first book that makes you a fan of
reading; and that song that shows you the magick of music.  There are all
sorts of Aha! moments in our lives; when something we’ve not fully
understood (or understood at all) suddenly becomes perfectly clear.

The Qabalah and working the techniques of Gematria, Notariqon and Temura are all about discovering things in holy books that bring about that Aha!
experience.  It can be experienced as the Kundalini being potently roused
and running right up the spine to the crown of the head…and energy that may
even seem to one as a psychotic episode; though it may also lead to a
shamanistic vision…or just a wondrous unconsciousness.  People experiencing
this are often known to then dramatically alter their lives; if they even
survive the experience—of course.

There are also other forms of initiation; shall we say, those of the ‘dark
side.’  Emotional sophistication and emotional decadence (and perversion)
come to mind.  There are also indulgence into criminal forms of behavior;
such as rape and murder that becomes ‘lines crossed.’  These impressions on
one’s psyche bring one down spiritual journeys as well; albeit often enough
self-destructive as they are destructive of others.  The theme is power and
power over others that is an element that resides in all our psyches.

Contrast this with the ‘light side’, which leads to an extreme in the other
direction…and the middle or more integrated road that in itself would be
eschewed by the ‘light side’ and the ‘dark side.’  These experiences and
choices though sometimes legally discouraged are the empirical products of
the lives we have lived and the responses, reactions and conclusions we
arrive at in the experience of our lives and their interaction with the
world around us.  So we could effectively argue not so much a
pre-destination, but a destiny formed, even unconsciously, that leads us
onward in spite of inducements or detracting circumstances.

So the evil-doer (sotospeak) must necessarily be removed from society (with
no hope of rehabilitation) as certain elements have become crystallized into
the psyche; just as the good-doer has also undergone the same
crystallization process.  We might call this crystallization the final stage
of an initiation process.


What is Initiation?

Is it inner plane contact?

Is it levels of fidelity to a magickal order?

Does it require a ceremony or some other dramatic experience?  

Does Initiation impart secrets?

…from the master of a lodge?

…from inner plane contact?  

If so, should these secrets remain secret?

…is not mystery the enemy of truth?  

Does Initiation alter consciousness?

…the steps on the Tree-of-Life

…the voices of experience  

Is Initiation equivalent to wisdom?

What of glamour?

What of the Dark Night of the Soul?  

Can we become initiated despite our Will?

…calamity and tragedy

…mystery and curiosity


What is the difference between Initiation & Adepthood?

…Initation at Tiphareth

…Initiation of the Abyss